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Schedule of Classes

Open Studio Felting

Sunday, March 11, is the open felting studio at New View Fiberworks {Fuzzy Farmers} from 1-4:40. Remember this is not a class but I am there to help you with your project. I will have Merino wool for sale for your projects if you need it.
We also are starting some new classes on the fourth Saturday of the month, in March I will be teaching a pamphlet stitched journal class. Plans are in the works for needle felted flowers, indigo dyeing and a wet felted vessel.
Hope to see you Sunday! Barbara

Stitched Journal Class

Using acrylic paints and beautiful papers we will paint canvas and learn to pamphlet stitch a unique journal and a practice journal. Class fee is $45 and includes all materials. Class is limited and pre- registration is required.

Rigid Heddle Weaving...

In-depth instruction in basic weaving using a rigid heddle loom covers planning, dressing a loom, weaving, and finishing. You'll make three projects during this six-week class with Misti. Class fee includes use of loom and equipment, materials for two projects, hand-outs, and resource guide. Personal project materials must be purchased by student with instructor’s guidance.

Class is 6 sessions, 2.5 hours each. $185

Beginning & Intermediate Spinning Lessons
with Sue Sloan
Each class will be 2 hrs. long, but may include any of the techniques or processes the student wishes to spend more time on or practice. Students may also sign up for single-hour (or more) classes for guided work in spinning specialized yarns (i.e. alpaca, wool types) according to their own needs. Medium-staple wool will be provided for practice but students may also bring fibers they wish to work with.

Beginning Spinning
• Discussion of the process of washing and other ways of preparing raw fiber.
• Preparing worsted and woolen yarns using wool combs, hand carders and drum carders.
• Spinning singles on a drop spindle & wheel.
• Modified long draw vs. short draw.
• Plying to make suitable yarns for crafts, knitting & weaving.

Intermediate Spinning
• Blending colors
• Blending fibers
• Plying techniques: re-ply, cabling, Navaho
• Inserting fun stuff, creating cocoons, specialized yarns

$35.00/lesson. (Materials fee, deposit required.) Mini-lessons, $10.00 (short tutorial/walk-in quick lesson). No minimum class size.
Fuzzy Fibers will supply a spinning wheel to work on at the studio, but it is expected that each student will have or purchase her/his own wheel or spindle. A practice wheel may be rented out on a temporary basis. Class schedules will be posted in our shop & on our web site, but I also encourage students to contact me to set up individual sessions that meet their needs.
Questions? Sue can be reached at 240-925-6190 or sue.e.sloan@gmail.com

Lessons will be held on Thursdays from 1-3 and Saturdays from 10-12.

Call Sue at 240-925-6190 to reserve a space in the class.

Introduction to 4-Harness Weaving
with Sue Sloan
Session 1: Introduction to the 4-harness loom, vocabulary, warp chains, front to back warping, threading heddles, weaving knots.
Session 2: Reading pattern drafts, beginning weaving a twill sampler. Students will continue project at home.
Session 3: Review. Completing the twill sampler, twisting fringe, washing and finishing the fabric. Reading drafts for overshot structures and using back to front warping. Students will pick yarn and begin dressing the loom for the second project.
Session 4: Using two bobbins, begin weaving overshot project, to be finished at home.
Session 5: Discussion of drafts and drawdowns, review steps in planning a personal project, choosing and ordering yarn.
Session 6; Review. Dressing the loom for a personal project, which students will complete at home. We will have a final show & tell discussion and review the following week.

6 2-hour sessions plus a review.
$230.00. Materials included. Class size is currently limited to 4 students, but additional students who own a portable loom are welcome to join. Sue can be contacted at sue.e.sloan@gmail.com or 240-925-6190.

Continuous Strand Weaving
with Annette Samouris
Come get hooked, with the Magic of Continuous Strand Weaving!

In this class, you will be introduced to the magic of continuous strand weaving. Come learn the continuous strand weaving method on a 3 foot triangle frame loom. Weaving on a frame loom is fun and simple. These are the only looms which dress themselves. An entire shawl can be woven from one continuous strand of yarn. This technique lets you see the entire weaving as it grows. Two or more triangular pieces can be easily joined together to create blankets, ponchos, rugs - limited only by your creativity!

Classes are now forming. Class size is limited to 4 students. Please contact Annette at cedarhavenfarm@md.metrocast.net or 301-475-5783 to reserve your seat in the class. Cost for the class is $60. This includes the use of a loom and 4 hours of instruction.

There will be an additional $5 charge for yarn.